Kahlua White Russian exotic pets


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i'm not sure if anyone posted anything about this, but does anyone know the song that is played during the kahlua commercial with the white tiger? it's like a tune with violins.....i think i even heard it once on the o.c
I too am looking for Kahlua commercial music (although I haven't seen the one with the white tiger).

I found a link to a website by someone named Marcia Lebeau, who recorded radio spots for Kahlua and also plays the viola. Hmmmm...


You can listen to the radio spots here:
It's a woman's voice reading poetry with music in the background, sometimes including a string instrument.
Pretty sure it's "Montserrat" by Orquesta Del Plata. You can find the track on the album "Bajofondo Tango Club." Link goes to available audio sample, track 1. Also available for download from .
I JUST saw the commercial and immediatly thought "HEY I want this song!" and instead of paying attention to the brand, I came here. -0- The ad has people standing around, or lying in a pool with animals around them. One woman is in a pool with big fish, another is a guy standing under a tree with a tiger walking around.

I knew the name so long ago, but I have forgotten it xd.
The ad is for Kahlua White Russian. Tagline for the ad is "The every day exotic." As for the song. . .it's what I'm here for, too. :)

I'll poke around and if I find the answer, I'll let you know.

Edit to add:

Found this after I looked at this thread (looked through threads before doing a search).
Yes, the song played in the Kahlua commercial with the white tiger is by a band called Bajofondo. They are an Argentinean Tango/Electronica band and are absolutely amazing.
I was so excited to hear their music being used for a spot!

Def. check them out. they have their own site as well, and a cd out now.
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I have been searching for this band for the past year and a half. I first heard them when i was travelling in Venice with my friend and we came upon a dance show called "eurotango.biatti." This show featured the whole album and we absolutely fell in love with the music. If you ever get a chance to see it please do, it's a amazing! Thank again:)
Does anyone know if that is an actual song on the new Kahlua commercial.....or is it something they made up?
CAn you describe the ad? The song? Genre? Instruments playing?
It starts with a woman walking an alligator with a leash down the street. That's really all I remember but there are no words in the music and I can't really describe the genre.
And let me say the CD "Bajofondo Tango Club" is excellent. I downloaded it from iTunes a few days ago and haven't stopped listening to it.
hey ppl omg ive seen this commercial so many times and i rele wanna no this song! its for the commercial for kahlua where theres a whole bunch of people and they have these "EXOTIC" pets...like a woman on a pool wid this huge fish swimming around, or a woman walkng her alligator round town...the bg music is all insturmental as far as i kno! ne one no the song? plz reply!
It's the commercial that starts off with a girraffe helping a guy working on a powerline by handing him tools. The music in the ad had no lyrics and throughout the commercial it shows an exotic fish, an alligator, and a few tigers. Any ideas?
I just saw this weird commercial advertising this drink called Kahlua. It looked like a beer but it was more like an alcoholic beverage. Anyway the commercial has people with different types of animals in unusual places. A man fixing a telephone poll with a giraffe, a woman walking her alligator, another woman in her pool with lillypads and goldfish, and even a man barbequeing with a white tiger in his tree. The music is pretty catching anyone got a title?
There's a new Kahlua Liquor commercial and I'll describe it....there's a woman walking on a street with a pet alligator hooked to a dog leash and there's a man (in a tree, I think) with a young white tiger walking across the screen. The ad also has a pool with very large lily pads floating on the water. The characters in the ad seem to be moving at a slower pace than normal. The background music sounds somewhat surreal.
Can anyone out there can tell me the name of the song and or artist .
Thanks so much------Dave
This forum is great and you guys are a big help. :)

I know it's hard to locate songs that don't have words, but maybe there is a possiblity?
It's the commercial with a woman walking an alligator, a girl lounging in the pool with a giant goldfish/koi swimming underneath her, and a man firing up the grill with a white tiger in the tree above him...

I would love to know what song it is they play in the background. Any help would be great!