Hummer H3

there is a song in this hummer H3 commercial. it is the funny commericial with the robot and godzilla monsters having a kid and its the H3. the song in the background goes something like

"loooooooooooooove who who
love is strange"

i looked up "love is strange" and its the right song, but the wrong singer. anyone know who sings this version?
Hello there,

Here's a link to that commercial so people can have a listen. The original song was by Mickey & Silvia, but that is definitely not the version in the commercial. The one in the ad is a nice sounding acoustic melody.

Hope someone can find it for you. ^_^

~ Mia ~
:D OH!! I know this one!! OH OH!! (hehe)

It is Everything But the Girl- Love is Strange


Very chill song indeed, I like your style.