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Can anyone tell the name of the song in the new ipod commercial, where it appears to take place in a country bar, and everyone is line dancing to a hip hop song. I want to know that song!! PLease help, anyone!!
Anyone know this one, I'm interested in getting the name of this song too.
Haven't seen any like that. Where are you located? US, Canada, elsewhere?
US, eastcoast. I think I saw it during the MTV Video Music Awards.
Well all I know is the spot is for HP's iPod and music site, not actually for Apple iPods, but HP's version ([url]www.hp.com/music).[/url]

You'd think HP would at leave have the artist's in their commercials featured on the site.
I believe it is "Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man"

Glad to be of service
the steriogram song is not the one used in the country bar ad; it is used on another one......
I'm in Canada, and saw it on a west coast feed. I'm dying to know the title and group responsible.
Hey bbrocks, you a fan of Big Brother? :eek:k:
:eek:k: bbrocks you are absolutely right, it is Black Eyed Peas, The Boogie that be.
Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!!
anyone know what the name of the rest of the songs in that hp ipod commercial?
Originally posted by zirjacks@Sep 4 2004, 11:09 AM
anyone know what the name of the rest of the songs in that hp ipod commercial?
I know two.

"Mr Lee" by The Bobbettes and "Orange Blossom Special" by everyone who's ever played a fiddle.
I tried the search but it's not here. It's one of the new Ipod commercials where the people are at a Western Bar and line dancing to a hip hop song...I love the commercial lol. I want the song! Thanks :)
Black Eyed Peas - "The Boogie That Be." As any admin will tell you, search can be quirky at times.

I'm telling you those guys are so marketable. Almost all of their songs made it to commercials. XM Radio, iPods... can't remember the other ones.
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:arrow: As mentioned previously, song is available on the Black Eyed Peas album "Elephunk."
Nevermind, I found it. It's the Black Eyed Peas - The Boogie that Be.

And here's a complete list of all the songs from the commercial:

Song: "The Boogie That Be"
Artist: Black Eyed Peas

Song: "Mr. Lee"
Artist: The Bobbettes

Song: "Work It, Shake It"
Artist: DJ Assault

Song: "I Love to Polka"
Artist: Jimmy Sturr

Song: "Orange Blossom Special" (Live)
Artist: Charlie Daniels Band

Thanks. ..