House Season 4


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At the beginning House was playing some songs on the guitar the last one he played where he said he mastered eddy van halen two handed arpigio is that an actually so cuz it sounded kick ass or is it somthing he just made up?
There was a song on tonight's episode of House that sounded like Alanis Morisette but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone give me a hint? Thanks.
I'm trying to identify the music that played during the "Next Week on House" part of the show. It's the episode that's on in two weeks for Halloween. When the preview started there was this music that sounded like the soundtrack to a film. I have a link to a video of the preview

My subconscious is telling me it's from a space movie, I don't know why. Any Guesses?
I was thinking this may be from a Fox property so they can avoid licensing fees. But I can't come up with any Fox movies or shows that I can remember using this music. Has anyone any guesses?
i watched a very old episode of house and there was a song playing in the end. it was soft and guitary... the only lyrics i heard was 'desire' repeating over and over. anyone know this song?
What's the name of the song that was at the end of tonight's (10-30-07) episode of House?
I would have sworn that was a Jack Johnson song and it is actually done by him on the Curious George soundtrack....having a little nephew has opened intersting doors in music! The original is the White Stripes.