Help remembering these two music videos?


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Where I used to live, we got the channel IMF (International Music Feed) that would play songs from bands from other countries.

I specifically remember two videos, but can't remember the name of the bands or the songs.

1. A girl is either in a car accident, or walking backwards towards a car accident in slow motion. She sort of looked like Regina Spektor as far as hair goes, and she was pretty thin. She had a red dress on, which may or may not have had white polka dots. It was a very soft song, kind of peaceful. I -THINK- it may have been from Australia or New Zealand, but I'm not a hundred percent on that.

2. A band is playing at dusk/in the dark. They're in the mountains or something, and there's snow everywhere. The song was sort of upbeat, I think. The members would one by one pull their instrument out from the snow and begin playing.