Hellmann's Mayonnaise


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hey somebody i was wondering if any of you knew what song was on that commercial with the guys who are stripping in the background and the girls are eating the salad dressing (or mayonnaise?) but they're ignoring them because they're eating. i think its the western family salad dressing/mayonnaise. if anybody knows the song please tell me!!!!!
I know the song but I can't think of it right now.. haven't seen it in a while but if I do I'll log on and post.
By the way it's for Hellmann's mayo if that helps anyone find it.
hey does anybody remember the song from a commercial about salad dressing (or mayonnaise?) where theres a group of women who are eating the salad dressing and in the background there's guys stripping but the women are ignoring the guys because they're eating. during the commercial theres a song playing and i wanna know what it is!!!! :huh:
i remember the song has somethin about bein sexy in it....or somethin like that. i dunno. if anybody knows please tell me!!!!
I still haven't seen it for months.. but if you say there's lyrics about being sexy or something.. is it possibly Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"?