Heineken "Double Nod"


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This is the commercial where the guy walks into the club/bar and give's several the 'whatsup nod', then walks to the bar and gives the bartender the 'double nod' and receives two heineken's.

anyone know the name of the song that plays during the commercial?
sorry to bring this topic back to life, but I still cant seem to find it. I figured somebody might have found it somewhere, but theres no results on it yet. anybody wanna help me search?
Where are you located? US or Canada.

And, can you describe the music? Genre, tempo, lyrics? Male/female vocals?

Is there a link online to watch the ad?
Located in U.S, California

I think its a triphop/hiphop genre and I havent been able to find the commercial onlne yet
I dunno... its been a long time since ive heard it. There were no lyrics in the clip they played on the commercial. I just remember it was one of those beats where you find your self nodding to the muic. heh