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I've still got an ad song stuck in my head from last summer. It was the "Groovy M&M's" commercial. Hippie musicians are playing in a rock-festival setting and there is a green M&M playing tambourine. The song is about finding the bag of groovy M&M's and "You could win cash every summer for the rest of your life."

The lyrics were written for the commercial but the melody and harmony are extremely similar, especially in the chorus part, to some song from the folk-rock era. Cool, catchy, and I'm maddeningly frustrated that I can't think of it.

You can see a clip of the commercial at the "What Nonsense..." blog:
Scroll down to the "Groovy M&M's" link.

Anybody recognize this melody? Thanks!
I think someone was asking about it earlier, but I'm not sure if they got the right answer or not. :unsure:
Michelle, thanks for referring me to the earlier discussion (yes I searched, but I was using an apostrophe to spell "m&m's"!). No question this commercial song has a Mamas & Papas sound in the harmonies, but Creeque Alley is not the song it matches up with. Still hunting!