Geico Insurance "Cruisin"


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Geico Insurance "Cruisin"

this one shows a guy with black shades on and hes in a white car and the lizard is in the pasenger seat buckled up. its play a song like this- I GOT MY RABBIT EARS ON AND I WANNA GET CHUMMY CHUMMY well something like that. could any one help please thanks!
Yep, saw that one about two weeks ago. Ran the rabbit ear lyrics but NADA. is where the other answers came from. They don't seem to answer e-mails but will respond through the blog if enough people show interest.
Be sure and let us know if an answer comes up. They seem to update it weekly.
It's called CB Song and it's by Th' Legendary Shack Shakers
Gee. What a shame the link I posted doesn't already give that info. :rolleyes:
hammurabi - thanks for posting the actual name of the song. I hate clicking on links supplied on these sights. You never know where you'll end up!!

Well, since you show only one post I'll chalk your sarcasm up to ignorance and let it slide. Niether I nor any other regular would ever send anyone to a bogus site. I'm absolutely certain that jca and Michelle would handle such posts promptly. We post links in order to give credit where credit is due. ;)
What's the song from I believe a new Geiko car insurance commercial and a guy with a black mohawk is riding through somewhere in the western US and the Geiko lizard is strapped in the passanger side seat-belt.
It is by The Legendary Shack Shakers and the song is called CB Song.I haven't found any audio samples though.
There's a wma file on the thread at the link from the first time this was answered. ;)
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I live in Canada, so this commercial might not be airing where you are.
Its a scene on a rock mountain road, with some kinda country type of song playing, and a man driving a grey coloured Ford Fiesta (like an Esscort except smaller) and he has a Clay Aiken style hair cut, and theres the Gecko seating in the passenger seat, and it says "you'll be more happy riding with geico" or something like that, its a catchy tune, and I would really love to find the name, any help? So sorry, newbie here, this has already been brought up.
"CB Song" by The Legendary Shackshakers. :usesearch: Search is your friend ;)
Yeah. That is correct. If you are referring to the commercial where the Gecko is wearing the shades.

You can find it at Amazon or Borders. But most likely they will have to order it. I was looking for it the otherday.
Hey --

Does anyone know the name and artist of that Geico ad with the guy in sunglasses and the geico gecko driving down a two lane road that swerves and goes through a tunnel? It's a real blues tune.