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What is your favorite FAST (our definitions of fast may differ) song? I mean the songs that get you moving!! Makes you want to drive fast, or dance, or whatever you do. Embarassing or not... post it!!

I like these:
Chemical Brothers - The sunshine underground
(when the music picks up at exactly 4 minutes into the song, check it out)

Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl
(hell yeah)

Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life

The Hives - Hate to Say I Told You So

Stabbing Westward - Save Yourself

P.S. Please don't belittle people for their songs...
So by "fast songs" you mean songs that hype you up? if so, theres way too many to list. Also, it kinda depends on the mood your in.

Heres a few songs I lift weights to (ill try to catagorize them the best I can) these are in my preburn folders
filter - nice shot
Stabbing westward -Save yourself, -what do I have to do, -so far away
Evanescence -bring me to life, -my immortal, -turniquet, -whisper, -my last breath.
Folk implosion -Natural one
A Perfect circle -Judith
marilyn manson -Beautiful people, -rock is dead, -the dope show
Adema - The way I like it
Deftones -my own summer (nin mix), -root
Drowning pool -bodies
Hed P.E. -bartender, -waiting to die, -the meadow
Ill nino - what comes around (day of the dead remix)
linkin park -crawling, -one step closer
mudvayne -dig
Powerman 5000 -drop the bombshell, -nobodys real
Rammstein -Herzeleid, -ich will, -bang bang
Rob zombie/white zombie -How to make a monster(kittys purrrformance mix), -Meet The creeper (pink pu**y mix), More human than human (techno remix), -superbeast (girl on motorcycle mix), -blood milk and sky, -electrichead pt1(remix), -electric head pt2(remix)
Static X -bled for days, -push it, trance is the motion

Juno Reactor -Conga Fury, -control, -eternal basement 12inch(mix), High energy protons, -ice cube, -jungle high, -komit, -mars, -masters of the universe, -razorback, -rotorblade, -god is god, -samurai

These songs are only what was in my preburn, Ive got more kewl stuff on cd in my gym.
My favorite fast music isn't actually a song. It's an MP3 I have of the guitar duel between Steve Vai and Ry Cooder in the Ralph Machio movie Crossroads.
i know these songs aren't fast...but you mentioned songs to drive to, and i TOTALLY love driving with "that certain female" by charlie feathers and "little green bag" by george baker. i think i've seen those tarantino films a wee bit much :rolleyes:

yyyyeah kahu...i put it on a mix one time and i forgot i'd put it on there till i was driving and it popped on. a wonder that i didn't run off the road :ph34r: