Favorite commercials by brand

Which brand makes the best commercials?

  • Nike

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  • Mountain Dew

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  • Budweiser

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  • Del Taco

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  • Pepsi

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  • any car commercial

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Those are all i can think of right now cuz im tired, but if there's a brand/company not listed here than just reply with one.
I'd like to see a poll on what the funniest commercial is... I know my vote would most definitely be for the one where that big guy is using a wacked out treadmill, and all that funny shit happens to him. :lol:
For a non-car company, The Gap uses some great music nuggets for their commercials (Supertramp? The O-Jays? Squeeze? They Might Be Giants?). But, as car commercials are pretty much nothing but crazy camera angles and a soundtrack, as a whole they'd have to have the best music selection for commercial, if only because they have the most. If you were break it into brands of cars, it'd have to be Volkswagon, hands down. Hands. Down.

Actually, for me, at least, each market probably has its own "best musical selection" award. Clothing? The Gap. Food & Beverage? Coors Light. Cars? Volkswagon. Technology Products? Apple. Big-Box Stores? Eh. A toss up between Khol's and Target.
i'd have to go with nike. that commercial song is classic, the one with only the dribbling of the ball. isn't there a parody of that in scary movie 2? also, check out 'battle' by the neptunes featured in another nike ad.
I just saw that commercial for the bazillionth time with the fashion designer chick, saying my name is Mika or something, and that music just annoys the hell out of me. You should do a poll on the worst music used in commercials.