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The ad is for Empire Beer with the tag "Welcome to the Empire" (i think that was it). It follows this guy who sees this girl and then tries to find her again in this big house which is like a giant jumping castle, and there's a massive party going on. The lyrics are something along the lines of "how you doin' man? everything's cool"
or something like that.

Yes, I know i keep pulling out obscure ads....

:ph34r: - what a nifty smilie!
Is this a Canadian ad? I haven't heard of Empire beer. Is the song dance, "techno", hip hop or rock?
It's more techno/dance than hip-hop or rock...I saw the ad down here in Australia, but I don't know where it's from originally....

I'm PRETTY sure it was for a beer called Empire... but i might have been mistaken...it was a while ago.
I know the ad..but I have no idea what the song is...
Anyone that could help that would be fantastic!