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I have been trying to find a song from a Direct TV Pay Per View/ Movie Channel commerical. The commercial itself has a bunch of different movies flash up on the screen while playing a techno type song with the following lyrics repeated:

"Oh baby; Oh Baby; when it falls apart, when it falls apart"

Ive looked throughout the forums and many websites without any luck. It sounds like Moby, but again I cant seem to find a tune by him that fits.

Ill be sure to write down more details next time I see it. The commercial is played fairly often. I would say once an hour.
If the ad is the same one I'm thinking of, it might be Extreme Ways from Moby. It was at the end of the Bourne Identity as well.
I am looking for the song that is being used in DirecTV commercials lately advertising their movies/movie channels. Movies clips include iRobot and other Sci-Fi films. Thanks.