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the guy is on the computer, is watching movies, printing pictures, and playing air guitar to a song.
His wife comes in and asks if he's done with the bills. he says he's doing them and she leaves. He puts the song back on and continues playing air guitar, then she comes back in. What is the song? it's sounds like an old punk song.
I was looking for this song too. Checked quite a few different places but was unable to come up with anything. Did you ever find out what it was?
** Dell Computers: For client DDB/Chicago, Endless Noise created and produced original music for four spots (3-60s and 1-30) entitled “Procrastinator” “3 AM,” “Clay’s Talent,” (all have just begun to air,) and “Warning Signs.”

For these spots, Endless Noise utilized a small ensemble, with quirky pieces evoking a contemporary feel. These pieces included woodwinds, clarinets, oboes, pizzicato strings, with synthesizer, theramin, and loops and beats sound effects.

For the spot “Procrastinator,” Endless Noise developed a music and sound collage, constantly cutting back and forth between scenes where the music and sound had to work in tandem as ambient background audio.