CSI Season 10

CSI (Las Vegas) Season 10 Episode 2 intro song

Trying to find out the intro song of csi season 10 episode 2. It has some kind of electronica MSTRKRFT/JUSTICE/HORROR POP/Miami Horror sound to it.

Anyone know? :eek:
Did anyone recognize the song near (not at, maybe ~10 min before) the end of the latest episode (10x4 Coup de Grace)? I couldn't catch enough of the lyrics to do a search, just a few words.
anyone know the name of the song in the opening sequence of episode 4 at the diner?
Try to find the music of CSI 10 episode 2 at 34min when Greg Sanders and the "Grissom's wife" indentify blood on shirt.
csi vegas 10/29

what was the song they played where they were going through the trash bags, it had strong guitar chords in it
Anyone know the song playing when Sara is in the lab working on evidence in "Lover's Lane"? Song goes like this: "Ready to Breathe Again"
I want to know the same thing too Chickdr I google and searched twitter and can't find anything-hope someone tells us soon.
Anyone managed to find which song is in episode 7, scene when they're processing evidence?


CSI: Las Vegas 4/1/10

Does anyone know what song is used in the opening scene of last night's episode? Catherine is walking through the hotel/casino, and it's an electronic/rockish song. Thanks in advance.