Chase Bank wedding


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I just saw a commercial from Chase Bank. It's a wedding commercial. "Wind Beneath my Wings", is played throughout. Anyone have idea of the female vocalist singing?
I just posted a topic on Chase too :D

You can view the "Wedding" commercial here.
To me, it kind of sounds like Paula Cole. I don't think she's covered that song though. Good Luck~
I'm interested in finding out who the vocalist is on this too...have searched itunes and played all the female previews, but nothing that sounds similar. Any luck, anyone?
Ya know it's amazing how powerful Google can be. I was able to track down the advertising agency who handles JP Morgan Chase. (Mcgarrybowen) I then emailed the company and asked if they produced their commercial spots. I asked who the female vocalist is.

I was promptly replied Elizabeth Shea
Does any one know who is singing the "Wind Beneath My Wings" on the new Chase commercials? :p
Does any one know where to find this version? The one Elizabeth Shea sings? I looked on google but could not find anything. :(
There's a commercial about a woman who's getting married and the song "Wind Beneath My Wings" is playing. Its from a JPMorgan Chase commercial, but I've been trying to find out who sings it in this commercial