Carlito's Way Rise To Power


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The trailer comes on in theatres only (as of 7/27/05) and it is for some crappy made for TV movie with Puff Daddy and the guy from "New Jack City" (Mario Van Peebles). Sitting through the trailer's beggining feels like chewing broken glass but then this really amazing guitat music kicks in and makes the whole thing worth while.

I have no idea how to describe it other than to say that the song in the trailer would have no trouble fitting in with the Kill Bill soundtracks. It sounds like a grungy moody kind of spanish guitar.

- please help I am going insane.........
Where did you see this trailer? I searched the web and could not find it. Do you have a link to it? :huh:
Very good song, the trailer started out pretty crappy but by the end (with the help of a good song) it was pretty good.

The song would fit in well with kill bill, probably because theres a very similar song by the same band in volume 2.
In the Carlito's Way trailer there's a song. In the longer trailer its near the beginning. The short ones play it all throughout the trailer. It used to be the theme to Biorhythm on MTV. I think the lyrics are like "rock the party" or something like that. heres a link to the trailers. its not the last spanish guitar song. thanks
actually the song was on the nip/tuck previews one year hope that helps some
Originally posted by Pandy@Sep 22 2005, 02:59 AM
actually the song was on the nip/tuck previews one year hope that helps some
the only song from the nip/tuck commercial that I remember is “Mas” - Kinky

Hope this helps...Im having problems watching the trailer, so I cant hear the song...maybe it will work later
I know is that it's in the Once Upon a Time in Mexico soundtrack, I think this is it.

Malaguena-Brian Setzer

Hope it helps!!!