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I'm going crazy trying to get information on the theme of NBC's former show Boomtown.

I LOVE the opening theme, and I'm trying to figure out a few things:

1) who composed it?
2) Is there an extended version? (like Friends or Third Watch)
3) Is there a place on the web I can download the theme?
I don't remember the theme song having any lyrics... am I mistaken?

Too bad the show got cancelled... pretty interesting concept.
I am not sure about the show (sorry, I never saw it.), but I know on the commercials they used a song from 1986 by a group called "David and David" called "Welcome to the Boomtown".
Hope that helps. Cheers!
Okay, I don't remember what the "Name" of the episode was, but I can bring back what it was about. It was when some guy in prison who was about to be executed and he asked his gang to kidnap a police officer and negotiated with the Police. If he gets excuted, then he would bring the secret of where the officer was down with him, but if he lives, he would give the location up. The officer would be killed when it was a certain time.

The music was played when the guy in prison was walking down the corridor to the chamber where he would be exicuted.

Hope someone remembers.

~The Guy