Beck's beer late 1970s early 1980s


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I am looking to identify or just even hear the instrumental music that accompanied a beer commercial in the late 1970's(?) r early 1980's (?) that I believe was BEck's The commercial ( I think) involved a succession of one-frame shots of various beers accompanied by a fast-paced instrumental ( possible electronic-sounding) that ended up with a longer shot of Beck's Beer...might have been Heineken, but I don't think so.. I THINK the narrator said something along the lines of "in Germany, the German's have a lot of choices in beer - but they choose Beck's" . I may have serious errors in this - does this sound even VAGUELY familiar to anybody ? I am trying to identify the music that was there - but I would be thrilled just to see a YouTube of the commercial, and work from thee. Anybody have ANY idea of what I am referring to ?