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Does anyone know that song in the movie, when Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are in the morgue looking for evidence. It's in the movie in an earlier part too. There are no lyrics, just what sounds like a drumset and violin. Any help would be appreciated.
Most of the hip-hop-style instrumental tunes heard in the movie are from the score by Dr. Dre, which hasn't been released yet.
Alright thanks, but do you know what song it's from or anything?
No, it's presumably part of the score. The score was done only for the movie by Dr. Dre, and hasn't been released yet.
On Bad Boyz II there was an instrumental song that played quite a bit, like when they were going to that funeral home or autopsy lab whatever it was, and it is also in that Scandalous by Mis-Teeq or whaever her name is. I love the beat to that song but can't find it anywhere. I heard Dr. Dre did the music for most of that movie so im wondering if he did that or if it was by someone else. Thanks
Actually, I dont know what I'm talkin about but they are two different beats, but I would still like to know where i can get them both. For some reason when i heard the scandalous song it just reminded me of bad boyz 2.
Originally posted by energie@Aug 4 2004, 01:50 PM
Scandalous by Mis-Teeq or whaever her name is.
Mis-teeq is a group.
yea i know, i just thought both the songs were the same, but they are two different ones, and that misteeq song, i wanted the instrumental for it
I haven't found any info, but like Ayan P was suggesting... If you look at the liner notes from the CD or single, it should have writing credits for the song... And, if they did sample another song for their background, that artist should be given credit in the notes.
Hey every one!

I was just wondering if nebody knows the song thats playing in bad boys 2 during the ectasy party (where everything is kinda blue and the guy overdoses).

Thanx for ne help!

The score was composed by Trevor Rabin (Armageddon, Con Air, National Treasure, etc) and additional music was by Dre. No release so it's unknown whose music plays where.

During the end assault on Tapia's mansion in Cuba, theres music playing throughout in the background. It sounds like Hans Zimmer's Synchrotone from Blackhawk down, but isnt it exactly. Does anybody know what it is? Its best heard when Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are running down the stairs on their way out.
It might be score composed by Trevor Rabin and Steve Jablonsky for this movie. They are from Zimmer's company - Media Ventures and composing music quite similar as Zimmer. You must find it on the score.

PS. It's hard to find. Only way to get this unreleased score is p2p net.
Does anybody know the background music which is a Rap Beat Just afta the screen changes afta will smith recieves the call at the beginning of the film when the swimming pool breaks and they go to do the deal in the back of the truck??
i know its hard please help if any1 can,
Wrong place to post this.... However, check Gangsta S#$t by Snoop Dogg. If you are talking about the song over the part in the rain by the mortuary (sounds quite similar) then it is an unreleased part of the score by Trevor Rabin. It happens to be on the special edition DVD... I am not sure where to get that without the DVD.
I don't recall what part of the movie this song was in, but you can try "Shake Your Tailfeather" by Nelly, P. Diddy, and Murphy Lee.
the track plays only once in the movie, it is when the 2 infiltrate the morgue to place video cameras. it is very short and i couldn't find any reference to it.
Anyone recall that cool techno beat playin when the haitians were stuck in that intersection shooting at the police and Will Smith pulled that 180 in the Ferrari and strafed them with that SMG? Then he said NOW SHOW EM YOUR BADGE! What was that techno song playin during that part?