Bacardi Silver


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I've tried to do a search for this commercial but I kept getting an error message, so I don't know if anyone else has started a thread for this or not.

It's a Bacardi Silver commercial where a group of guys and girls are having a good time drinking... and tossing bottle caps onto the floor and playing twister. I've never seen this happen in real life, but boy does it look fun! lol

The music is guitar based, with a female vocalist. No lyrics, just high pitched humming. I think! She could be singing something, but I can't understand it. It's kinda mellow, like Portishead or Mazzy Star. Any one else who's seen iot that can add any further details, please do so. I'd like to know who this is and if it's available. thanks!
Makes you wonder how effective advertising really is when the consumer mistakes your product for that of your greatest competitor!
That is the right song, but the original poster of the other thread got the product wrong. It is Bacardi Silver, not Smirnoff where the gang is playing twister. Thanks for help guys.

Sophist... you are my new idol. You seem to be all over any ad song I can't figure out. I don't know how you do it, but you're awesome.