Axe Spray gets hatchet effect on tunes


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I've been watching too much television again and now my eyes are bleeding. Okay, so not really. But I have come down with a bad migraine because I've been thinking too much about which song is being used for a new Axe Spray commercial (the stuff doesn't actually doesn't smell half bad but I'll be damned if I spend any more than $1 to buy some smell good).

I can't say with certainty, but it almost sounds like another collaboration from Paul Van Dyk & Vega 4... I haven't heard much of Vega 4's stuff other than the "Time Of Our Life" song between the rock band and that DJ...

But the vocals on the song used for the Axe Spray commercial sound very similar.

I can't seem to find any samples of Vega 4's music anywhere. And people at The Axe Effect haven't helped by responding to my email. Anyone out there know what song that might be?
If you're referring to the same commercial as I am in my thread linked to above, the song was commissioned especially for the commercial. I emailed Unilever, though, not The Axe Effect.