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This is old but I just discovered this site so...

Does anyone know anything about the song from the commercials for the Atlantis resort (the guy jumps into the subway car which puts him underwater swimming with fish etc)? Help! I love this thing & I've never been able to figure it out.
I'm pretty sure I remember reading that this particular song was written for the advertisement itself, and isn't available separately.

Frustrating! It sounds like such a good song, too.
Does anyone know the names of the songs played on the Atlantis Commercials? It's like a vacation place in the Bahamas. I've heard people say that it's Adiemus, but I know it's not it.
Is it the same song that is featured on the tv commercial shown on the company website?

If so, I can tell you that it definitely isn't Adiemus.
Any of the songs on the commercials is what im looking for, so yeah the one on their website too.
There is a song that played on the Atlantis Resort Commercials as well a many others. It goes like: Hey ya ma ma ma ma _______________________________
Anybody know how it goes or what it's called?
Thanks so much! :D :D :D
I have not seen said ad ... so this will be a total guess ...

Going off of the lyrics you provided ...

If you tweak 'em a bit ... for a dance/hiphop song ...
The Black Eyed Peas - "Hey Mama"

If you want dramatic/bombastic music ... lush/ethereal song ...
Dream Academy - "Life In A Northern Town"

Right or wrong ... good luck finding your song! B)
There you go.
Never seen the commercial but choice #2 would almost have to be it.
There's a dance remake that samples "Life In A Northern Town," called "Sunchyme" by Dario G. It's been used in some ads as well.
It's a very old commercial for Atlantis Resorts. It's a very long commercial and from what I can remember it involves an old-sounding, male narrator. The music is instrumental and involves chanting.

I've been searching for this ad for awhile, and even a link to where I can watch the video would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
2003 Atlantis Resorts "Once Upon Our Time"

I always wondered the name/artist of the song used in this old TV ad........
Any clues???