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Hi, I need the song from this commercial, it's being played on Fox stations right now. It shows a bunch of people doin random fun stuff and they say this water doesn't come out of thin air it comes from special places, mother nature etc. It has a rock type song, which rules my life, what is it? :p
Did the song have any lyrics? Or was it just an instrumental rock song?
Instrumental, somebody's gotta have seen this commercial, it's on quite a bit, it rules my life right now!! ... wait a minute, actually Anna Kournikova rules my life right now!!! :p!!!
Man you rule but your icon scares me, why are you so hostile with your icon? That's an evil kat, or maybe he's just confused, like me :p!!!
Please stop bumping this thread. Have you tried contacting Arrowhead and asking them if they have any info on the music?
Did anyone ever find out about the song in the Arrowhead Water commercial? I like it too. I think it is a riff or sample from a 80's rock song that has the words.."waiting or waited so long".
Dear Michael,

Thank you for your recent email. It is always our pleasure to hear from our
Arrowhead consumers.

The song played on our Arrowhead commercials is:
Oh Sweet Susanna by The Mooney Suzuki group


Donna K.
Arrowhead Consumer Affairs Specialist'

She rules my life right now!! :p!!! Ultimate!