America's Next Top Model Season 2


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Would anyone happen to know the two songs used during the runway show in the finale? Thanks!
One of them is called "Drive", and another is called "Just A Little More Time". Both came from the Mastersource music catalog. If you go to their web site (, you can listen to them.
Thanks. I went and listened; they weren't the two I heard on the runway. I found one of the rap songs they used; the other, which sounds like electronica, is still elusive. :) Any help appreciated.
Have you looked at their "TV Credits" section? They list all (or most) of the TV shows containing their music, plus the tracks used. "America's Next Top Model" has several entries for 2004. Check that out.

Also, did you catch any of the song's lyrics? If so, you can type them into the search, and you might find what you're looking for.
Yup, I checked the credits on the site and after the show. No dice! I even tried typing the lyrics I caught, but I guess because it's an electronica song there aren't any databases that have them. I'll keep trying. Thank you.
what are the lyrics you caught? one of us might recognize the song...
There are some beats, then a DJ starts up, saying something like: "I'm the one . . . the only . . . the ace . . . DJ blah blah blah (can't decipher his name)." Then, further along, he goes: "Bring it back now . . . bring it back now . . ." This is a tough one! It sounds like something the Chemical Brothers would do, but I don't think it's them.
the song is about 17 mins into the show when April is sitting down talking about her parents always wanted her to be the blonde, blue eyed, big boob model. TIA