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It's the one with the hamsters and there seems to be several different songs playing but the one I saw was in the movie theatre..

can someone just give me a list of the different songs they used... I know there's a least 3
If you look at the MP3 player the hamster is holding right before the song starts, it shows the artist name, album and song. It was too quick to see it all but I caught the name "MARZ" on the MP3 player screen... I saw the commercial in a movie theater and none of the songs previously mentioned are it. The plot thickens...
Hey all! Jackpot!

I contacted Kia about it and they said the song is called "Do What you Like" by Marz. The problem is... I can't find that song anywhere!!

If anyone can find it to buy please post the URL!!
My girlfriend and I also heard the 'front back side to side' song in the movie theater a few hours ago, it played before Monsters vs Aliens.

If ANYONE can find it, please post a link!

Also, MasterMemory that myspace page doesn't sound like them + the song isn't posted :(
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i know exactly what you are talking about! i just went and saw Monsters vs Aliens! i WANT IT SO BAD but the problem is that its not on ANY of their CD's. its called "do what you do" by MARZ featuring Pack and Mumiez - here is the youtube link to the commercial. if ANYONE finds it for sale please let me know! i have sent an email to their store and hopefully i will get a response this week. if i do i will post it here!

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FIRST OF ALL THE SONG IS CALLED-- DO WHAT YOU DO by MARZ FEATURING PACK AND MUMIEZ you can get your hands on the song through iTunes should be coming out either today or tommorow keep checkin itunes By the way its says the name of the song and artist on the ipod in the commercial if you go to youtube and type in 2010 kia soul and has to be the official one it says it in the title you have to watch it in HD in full screen the icons are right under the video

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Wow... How many different commercials do they have?! lol
Anyways, I just saw one with another song and after a bit of searching, identified it as Colours by Calvin Harris. Hope this helps anyone looking for it!
WAIT a second, :eek:

I was watching SNL last Saturday, and I saw a Soul Kia commercial with a COOL song that is NOT any of the songs mentioned here.

It goes something like" ...
"Now I don't care what you dress like or what you where
But please make sure (baby) youv'e got some colours in there..."

Sung by someone with a (Brittish?) accent.

How do I find this song?
Yes, unfortunately it does seem to have many versions. I myself just saw the commercial and had the urge to look it up. It tells the song and artist(s) in the info on the side. They all look the same. <_<

The one w/ the lyrics "front, back, side to side..."

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js-uRQmldfE <<< this one doesn't have info
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2Dplr550Q4 <<< this one is an international one w/ Beatles music

Hope this helps!


"Colours" by Calvin Harris
The actual song is "Do What You Do" by Marz Ft. Pack And Mummiez
Calvin Harris is tha artist and the song is colours. thats the one ive been looking for. finally found it.
This IS a FOUR PAGE thread.. this comes from "page three" of this thread:

"Do What You Do" by Marz

"Fort Knox" by Goldfish

"Junkyard" by the Potbelleez

"Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley

"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" by The Beatles


"Colours" by Calvin Harris

There are 4 different songs for this commercial and you can find them all (including the video) to download for "free" on the KiaSoul website; however, I have not been able to download them........must be some setting on my pc preventing the download!

Anyway, the song that I like is the "Junkyard" by The Potbelleez.


If anyone knows what setting it is I need to change, please let me know. Thanks...............
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"Hey, any time! It's maddening, hearing a song on a commercial and not being able to find it!"

...but so wonderful when you finally get the song! I love this song, thanks for the links, you guys rock!