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    Kraft "Anytime" spread

    I need some help !!!!! Does anyone know the name of the blues type song being played on the new Kraft commercial ???????? Thanks, SKIP
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    Kraft Singles

    need to know song, here are the lyrics "I know that I will always hold on to the bright light, I put a star on your pillow every night, I know your life with you through my own eyes I see the truth, and I hope you'll always know I'll be with you" if anyone knows the song please help!
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    Kraft Four Cheese Pizza

    There's a new Kraft commercial in the last month which has an old 60's soul song played in the background with it's "Mmm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mmm" chorus. Does anyone know the music behind this commercial? Thank you! :) vk1drums
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    Kraft Four Cheese Pizza "Gimme Some"

    do anybody know who sings that song from the new 4 cheese pizza ad.
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    Kraft Live Active Cheese

    Hello, I've done a search on these forums and have turned up nothing on this particular commercial. It's a comercial where a girl walks down the street and all these animated shapes follow her. In the background is a female vocalist preforming what sounds like a downtempo trip-hop song. It...