1. miss_noetic


    Hey guys, Korbel has been playing a new commercial with the slogan...taste life I think. The lyrics go like this: A toast to you...a toast to me... It's very nice music, sounds a lot like bitter:sweet's mating game song from their last commercial...but it's not. Does anyone know this song??
  2. F

    Korbel champagne

    Does anyone know the song from the korbel champagne commercial, where the guy is on the plane and he is watching the flight attendant pour the champagne in first class. The song starts " dance with me across the ocean"
  3. T

    Korbel champagne "Magic"

    During the Christmas holidays I saw a commercial that used a remix of the 1970's hit "Magic" by Pilot. They added kind of a hip-hop beat to the song which I like. I can't remember the advertiser though (may have been for a champagne). Does anyone on the board know where I could find this remix?
  4. drizzt_fan14

    Korbel champagne

    Does anyone know who does the music for this commerial? I'm talking about the one with a dreamy sound to it with a woman singing in the background.