1. Compudoc

    Google Chromecast "For Bigger Fun"

    Does anyone know if the music in the new Chromecast commercial was just composed for the commercial or if it is from a show or movie? Remind me of something out of Dr. Zhivago...
  2. N

    Google Chromebook

    This Google Chromebook ad features "Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior, which is a pretty cool song. :) I also recommend their songs "Rhythm Bandits" and "Take My Time."
  3. P

    Google Nexus 7 "Fear Less"

    What's the song?
  4. desktop

    Google Chromebook

    i am trying to get the latest chroomebook tv advert 2013 as i really love it
  5. lordsonkit

    Google Plus

    Anyone knows.....
  6. N

    Google Chromebook

    Anyone know the name of this ads: ChromeBook Thank you!
  7. M

    The Google+ Project

    Anyone know what song is in the video for the upcoming Google+ project?
  8. Z

    Google Chrome "It Gets Better"

    Does anyone know the music in this commercial?
  9. farbeyond

    Sony Internet TV powered by Google

    Hi I just saw a commercial for Sony Internet TV which used the song: Scouting For Girls - "A New Day" The song is an exclusive download on itunes...
  10. C

    Apps for Google TV

    Link: Thanks!
  11. D

    Google Chrome "Style"

    I was desperate to know what this song was so when I found it I thought others might want to know...