1. W

    Google ad on Youtube

    I’m looking for an indie song that plays in a Google commercial on youtube often. When you click small i on commercial it just shows it as Google LLC. Video shows friends in restaurant and is only 15 sec long
  2. E

    Google Pixel phone

    Google phone dance commercial at movie theater. Everybody dance. 4 women around a table. One plays a dance funk rock song...they all start dancing.
  3. Compudoc

    Google Chromecast "For Bigger Fun"

    Does anyone know if the music in the new Chromecast commercial was just composed for the commercial or if it is from a show or movie? Remind me of something out of Dr. Zhivago...
  4. N

    Google Chromebook

    This Google Chromebook ad features "Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior, which is a pretty cool song. :) I also recommend their songs "Rhythm Bandits" and "Take My Time."
  5. P

    Google Nexus 7 "Fear Less"

    What's the song?
  6. desktop

    Google Chromebook

    i am trying to get the latest chroomebook tv advert 2013 as i really love it
  7. lordsonkit

    Google Plus

    Anyone knows.....
  8. N

    Google Chromebook

    Anyone know the name of this ads: ChromeBook Thank you!
  9. M

    The Google+ Project

    Anyone know what song is in the video for the upcoming Google+ project?
  10. Z

    Google Chrome "It Gets Better"

    Does anyone know the music in this commercial?
  11. farbeyond

    Sony Internet TV powered by Google

    Hi I just saw a commercial for Sony Internet TV which used the song: Scouting For Girls - "A New Day" The song is an exclusive download on itunes...
  12. C

    Apps for Google TV

    Link: Thanks!
  13. D

    Google Chrome "Style"

    I was desperate to know what this song was so when I found it I thought others might want to know...