1. C

    Ford Fiesta

    Hey - does anyone know the song for the new Ford Fiesta ad? It's great but I don't know who does it. Thanks.:D
  2. B

    2011 Ford Fiesta

    I've been seeing a new ford commercial recently (around January 2011), and there is a techno-sounding song playing through the commercial. It's been a pain trying to find out what song it is but it's kinda catchy. The commercial starts out simply with a car driving and flashing colorful lights...
  3. ARK

    2011 Ford Fiesta

    I cannot find the commercial, it's definitely a commercial for a car, I think it's fiesta car but not sure (there is a guy and a girl in the ad, tourists I think). The song sounds kind of techno, the beat is like: da da da dun-dun dah-dah, da da da dun-dun dah-dah, etc. with the "da da da" going...
  4. codeman38

    2011 Ford Fiesta

    The song in this commercial has been identified in the YouTube comments as "Janglin" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Get it on or Amazon.