1. nmichave


    Soundhound or Shazam don't recognize it. And googling part of the lyrics turns up nothing. I'd be very surprised if was made exclusively for the ad, but I could be wrong. Anyone recognize the song in the background! Thanks.
  2. B

    Parts Unknown

    I just saw a CNN ad for the new 2014 season of Parts Unknown. Very rad tune. Who does it? (Not the theme music by Josh Homme and Mark Lanegan.)
  3. D

    CNN Films

    Hi guys, There is a CNN Films commercial running lately that has a Rap/Hip Hop song playing during the commercial. Does anyone have any clue what the artist or song name may be? I would record a short sample then attach it to a message here if I thought that would be allowed. Thanks! :D
  4. S

    CNN Mobile App

    Composer: Mark Petrie Title: Go Time (The Taste Of Victory)
  5. S

    CNN Planet in Peril

    does anyone know the name/artist of this song/score? you can here it here:
  6. L

    CNN Hurricane Katrina coverage

    Anybody know the name of the beat that plays when opening or closing from a commercial that plays currently during the CNN coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Plays for Lou Dobbs, Aaron Brown, and Larry King. Any help is appreciated, Thanks.
  7. D

    Style with Elsa Klensch

    Hello. People here seem to be extremely music-savvy, so big props to you all! :D Anyhoo ... on to my question ... Back in the late 80s/early 90s, CNN had a variety of weekend shows - especially on Saturday mornings ... One show I watched a bunch was "Style with Elsa Klensch" ... I can...
  8. R

    CNN The Situation Room

    i dont know the exact lyrics, but they played it a few times tonight. it kinda sounded like "i'm comin' arooooooooooooound', that's all i know
  9. G


    This was an instrumental used in a CNN news commercial and on a WWE commercial. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know?