1. Andreus

    Stanley Tucci Searching For Italy

    I have been searching for the intro tune to this show for a while now, and haven't been able to find anything. I included a video with the song (plays from 0:00-0:10). The composer for the series is Evan Lurie but I haven't found anything on his Spotify. Any help would be most appreciated...
  2. nmichave


    Soundhound or Shazam don't recognize it. And googling part of the lyrics turns up nothing. I'd be very surprised if was made exclusively for the ad, but I could be wrong. Anyone recognize the song in the background! Thanks.
  3. B

    Parts Unknown

    I just saw a CNN ad for the new 2014 season of Parts Unknown. Very rad tune. Who does it? (Not the theme music by Josh Homme and Mark Lanegan.)
  4. D

    CNN Films

    Hi guys, There is a CNN Films commercial running lately that has a Rap/Hip Hop song playing during the commercial. Does anyone have any clue what the artist or song name may be? I would record a short sample then attach it to a message here if I thought that would be allowed. Thanks! :D
  5. S

    CNN Mobile App

    Composer: Mark Petrie Title: Go Time (The Taste Of Victory)
  6. S

    CNN Planet in Peril

    does anyone know the name/artist of this song/score? you can here it here:
  7. L

    CNN Hurricane Katrina coverage

    Anybody know the name of the beat that plays when opening or closing from a commercial that plays currently during the CNN coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Plays for Lou Dobbs, Aaron Brown, and Larry King. Any help is appreciated, Thanks.
  8. D

    Style with Elsa Klensch

    Hello. People here seem to be extremely music-savvy, so big props to you all! :D Anyhoo ... on to my question ... Back in the late 80s/early 90s, CNN had a variety of weekend shows - especially on Saturday mornings ... One show I watched a bunch was "Style with Elsa Klensch" ... I can...
  9. R

    CNN The Situation Room

    i dont know the exact lyrics, but they played it a few times tonight. it kinda sounded like "i'm comin' arooooooooooooound', that's all i know
  10. G


    This was an instrumental used in a CNN news commercial and on a WWE commercial. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know?