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    2012 VW Volkswagen Beetle "Slap Hands"

    Anyone know the track that plays on the new Beetle commercial where everyone is slapping hands and fist bumping?
  2. M

    2012 VW Volkswagen Beetle "It's Back"

    Wondering if anyone knows the artist and title of the song used in the most recent VW Beetle spot - with the red car, not the 'High Five' hand clapping version with the black car. Here's the spot on YouTube: Any help would be appreciated!
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    VW Volkswagen Beetle

    I have been seaching on & off for a song from a Volkswagen Beetle commercial. I believe this was the first commercial advertising the "new" Beetle. This commercial is definately a few years old......... Here we go..........The Beetle is sitting all by itself & it is spinning around and changing...
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    VW Volkswagen Beetle

    ok.. this comercial is pretty old but its a Beatles comercial (the car) and its a guy going through different days of week which is all shown simultaniously and everyday is almost the same. i dont rememebr the lyrics.
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    VW Volkswagen Beetle Free iPod

    Everytime I see this commercial for the free iPod that comes with the VW Beetle, I never get a chance to get all the info of the song. It actually shows you the name of the song ("Night and Day") but I never get a chance to finish reading the screen of the iPod to see who sings the song. So, who...
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    VW Volkswagen Beetle

    ................there was a long running commercial in which a Metallic LimeFire Green Beetle started spinning around getting faster as the background music got more intense. It was an instrumental track reminiscent of Moby............does anyone remember that ad and who did the ad track?