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    Syfy @ San Diego Comic-Con 2015

    I've seen this ad so many times on TV, almost every ad break on syfy plays it >.<, and I'm desperate to find the song. It's been stuck in my head for days lol. This is the ad that syfy Aus put up themselves and I've commented but I have high doubts that they actually monitor activity on that...
  2. H

    ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

    Does anyone know the name of the song/tune used in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Ad/Promo in Aust for TV? Thankyou
  3. H

    Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

    Can anybody please let me know the name of the tune in the Melb Star Observation Wheel promo ad?:
  4. L

    RMIT "Be True to You"

    hey guys anyone knows this song?? thanks!!
  5. J

    Australia Network TEN Super Sunday

    Hey, there's an ad for "Super Sunday" on channel TEN where it shows a montage of the current lineup shows like Modern family, Vegas, Homeland, The New Normal and Merlin. Wondering what the song was...
  6. S

    Kangaroo Island "Let Yourself Go" South Australian tourism

    Hi there. Does anyone know the singer/band of the song played during the latest Ad for Kangaroo Island? Hope you can assist. many thanks
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    Renault "Made For You" Australia

    Please help!! Who can tell me the name of the song or singer/band of the latest Renault Ad. It goes (I think); "It'll be all right my friend." "It'll be all right again." "? ? ? ? together (?)." "It'll be like we were never(?)." I have gone right through a song lyrics web site but can not find...
  8. V

    Samsung Galaxy Note advert

    Please help me. :( I've watched the Samsung Galaxy Note and Smart TV advertisement, and was really into the background music they had. BUT!! In America, Europe etc, the song is different, which is one of the reasons why I cannot find this soundtrack, I searched all over the internet, but I...
  9. G

    Diet Coke Australia "Feel the Brightness"

    Hey Guys, This has driven me nuts for quiet awhile! Any clues to the song on the "Feel the Brightness" Diet Coke Add filmed in Sydney at Museum station and the fountain? here is the direct link to the add- Thanks!
  10. R

    Australian Virgin Mobile

    Hey any one know this song? sadly i there is no lyrics heard on the ad, so ill need someone who knows the song. here is a youtube vid thanks for you help
  11. I

    Honda City Australia

    I'm in love with this ad I would love to know the names of the tracks, especially the last one where the voiceover talks about the iPod/intelligent music system. Such a great track! If it is not commercial, anyone have any idea of the agency they use for their music? You can see it here...
  12. A


    Does anyone know anything about a soundtrack for this film? Have they not released one? Also, what is the song at the beginning of the credits? It features a female singer. Thanks.
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    Anyone know what that theme is in the new AUSTRALIA trailer? It's pretty darn good. Goosebumps. - AM
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    Tia Maria "Drink It When the Sun Goes Down"

    Hi guys. I'm looking for a Tia Maria ad that must be around 20 years old. It was actually remade at some stage & kept the theme of the original. Both were good but I think the original was best. It was screened in Australia. I think a similar add was screened in the UK but I think Australia...