What is the song in the trailer where the singer says higher baby and sounds like a jazz influenced rock song ive heard it before but i cant remember it.

I realize that this is a long shot, but I'm hoping that someone can provide an answer.

There was a TV commercial for the Wall Street Journal that ran in the late 60s, in the New York City broadcast area. I'm guessing around 1967-1969. It featured a pole vaulter clearing over the bar.

The instrumental music in the commercial sounded very similar to the music of the group "Sounds Orchestral." Violins and piano, with drums.

Thanks for any help with this.

Hi guys, can anyone tell me the title of this song?


Giantapes Music - Album = Slowburn
Track Name : Expansion of the World

Anyone know this song? The didn't bother giving it credit.

There is this commercial from the ealy to mid 90's if I recall correctly where this car was driving through a sort of obsticle course with giant pendulums swinging back and forth. I am thinking it was a Lexus commercial or perhaps an Accura one. Either way, there was this classical music playing with a very deep somber sound to it I have wondered what this music was for many years. Someone please help me.

Can anyone help me find the music to a 2001 Lavalife commercial? It's a French song... I genuinely hope it wasn't created just for the ad- it's a catchy tune!

Soundhound and Shazam have no idea (or the clip is too grainy). I am trying to listen for the French words, but I can't make any out. Maybe someone who speaks French would have better luck?

Hoping someone can help me in my 17 years of searching!

There's two parts of this video which combines two trailers. First one I'd like to know is at the 00:12 second mark when it says "December 21st" and the second part of the video is at the 1:12 mark which again says "December 21st" the second part sounds much better, and they do sound familiar. Thanks!

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