The song at 0:35 is Thunderstruck - AC/DC. Does anyone know the song at 1:17?

what is the name of the song?

Thanks in Advance :)

What is the music during the War Ready lyrics ?

Hey all,

Can anyone identify the song used in this commercial? Been searching for weeks now and it's racking my head in. Thanks for everyone with input!

Can anybody name the song played from 1:18 in the trailer for the new Netflix series Alias Grace?

Thanks in advance.

it really kicks in at 1:30. I'm assuming it's called "all hail the lucky one" I can't find this song anywhere.

I saw this Chick-fil-A TV commercial during a football game. I tried googling the lyrics, but nothing came up. Midomi didn't help, either. PLEASE tell me who sings it! I've been looking everywhere for it!

Here's what lyrics I could make out. Not sure if they're correct:

You, me, a little time
A (?)zombie(?) chase to make us smile
it's better when we get together

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