Trying to ID the background song on Cosentyx commercial featuring Cyndi Lauper. She has a blue-tinted mohawk for this one. Thank you.

Hey all. I have my end of year exams coming up for uni, and have recently discovered that game OST's really help me mellow along with my hours of sitting in front of my computer. Can anybody recommend some good lowkey soundtracks to help with this? Hopefully nothing too over the top (Tried to listen to the Bloodborne OST and found myself just rocking out)

I'm currently writing a section of a story set in a city based loosely on middle easter/southeast asian cities from back in ... like, history times. Not-modern times. I like to create a playlist for each section of a story I work on and am hoping someone might be able to recommend a track or two?

Hi All.
There was a commercial/trailer running a while back on the UK Travel Channel for the programme Bizarre Foods. At the beginning of the trailer there is a song playing. The song has one male vocalist singing with a group of men humming in the background. I can't hear the words at the first part of the line but it ends with the words "satisfaction guaranteed", then some more humming.
Please can anyone tell me what song this is and who is singing?

Does anyone know the music that was used in the trailer for the film Novitiate that came out in 2017? There are two pieces, I already know the first piece, but I can't find the music that starts at 0:39. It's a beautiful piano selection.

Here's the trailer link:

Thank you!

Do any of you remember the Concession cartoon they would show before the trailers, but only at Crown Theaters? It was a dancing lion doing a version of "Working My Way Back To You, Babe" by the Spinners. Is there any way I can find that cartoon, if not--just the song with changed lyrics? I am in dire need here, folks!


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