There's a techno song early in the film, when Willie Beaman is taking his first snaps at QB. It's upbeat and pretty fast-paced. I don't think there are any lyrics to the music--at least, there are none in the movie.

Anyway, I'm going crazy trying to figure out what this song is. Anyone have a clue? I really appreciate it.

Does anyone have a track listing for the documentary NBC aired on the paralympics? There is some amazing music on there. :D

A six pack of Dr Pepper hops around a grocery store and ends up in the dessert aisle.

"Where Everybody Knows Your Name" by Gary Portnoy (Amazon) (iTunes)

Hello every one,
i was looking for a coffeemate nestle song i heard but i couldnt found it anywhere

if anyone know where to get it or how to get, please contact me

the lyric is like this

Again, again, again
I want you to hold me
Again, again, again
I want you to love me

Again, again, again
I want you to show me
The strength of your love
The hope by your side
With you

Coz I want you to lead me
Straight these roads
By taking my hand
And protecting me
Coz I know you were made for me
To be right here with me
To breathe every moment
Every second..

Again, again, again
I want you to need me
Again, Again, again
I want you to reach for me
Again, again, again
I want you to heal me

From the darkness
From the weakness
To touch happiness
And forget sadness
Coz I live for your smile
To leave my dark side
Not to get up alone
Coz the world is pretty big
And I知..
Pretty afraid..
Pretty scared..

Again, again, again
I want you to call me
Again, again, again
I want you to save me
Again, again, again
I want you to come to me
I知 waiting right here for you
I can see your light shining
So far but so touchable
Coz I can feel you darling
When you are here or there
No matter what day or night
I feel your love
Coz even all I知 near you
I知 blind but near you
Near you
Near you

Again, again, again
I want you to miss me
Again, again, again
I want you to tell me 的 love you
Again, again, again
I want you to love me again
To keep my heart from bleeding

Looking for the theme song. I figure it is a futile quest. But you guys usually come through even for the most obscure.

A lot of the A&E shows seem to have custom themes. Interestingly the network website lists bunches of songs featured on the show, but not the theme song. At least I couldn't find it, but I can be rather clueless.

It has a cute Nyah, Nyah, Nyah sound to it that could be useful in some unlikely situation.


Bonus Question. One point for every profession(al) reality show you can name. Examples -
COPS (The classic)
Dog the Bounty Hunger (A professional, of sorts)
Ice Road Truckers (Those guys are just nuts)

in the episode "built to kill, part 2" theres some piano music that plays while catherine tests some cotton looking stuff.. really quite lovely.. is it an original tidbit for the show or what? id love to listen to more of it! thank you..

Hi. On Stephen Colbert's new christmas cd, is the Nutmeg song a spoof of one of John Legends own songs?

Anybody know the song used for the latest homedics commercial for the Holidays. It's sounds a little jazzy with the lyrics "To feel your touch, is wonderful."

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