So this promo regarding Pepsi's new logo has been making its way around YouTube:'s got some interesting choices of music.

I know that the first tune is "The Audience is Listening" by Cut Chemist, made rather famous by that iTunes ad a while ago. But does anyone know what the second and third songs are?

I'm almost certain, based on the percussion, that the second song is something produced by Timbaland, but he's produced so many tracks that I don't even know where to begin IDing it. And I have absolutely no idea what the third song is, but it's quite catchy (and no, Googling "making future look nice" turned up no tips).

Any one know what it is?

Thanks, B

The Godzilla theme music...I know I've heard it in some new...I think it was a rap song.

Am I crazy?

Thanks for any help

Here is the commercial on Youtube :

Hey guys,i've been tryin to find this song from hallmark and it's been impossible to find the me out here guys!

What song is being played during the desperate housewifes season 5 commercial seen between clips on the online version. It is a remix of an 80's disco song. I think the lyrics go "party on nothing lasts forever, party on....."

What song is featured with the commercial featuring Beyonce, advertising the Loreal Infallible Make Up. The singer sounds like it's prince...I'm dying to know what it is.

TV commercial for the 2005 Lexus RX: Starts at a car "lab" of sorts in Coventry England with a British male and female engineer/scientist type. The man asks the woman where two other men are and she replies that they are test driving the new Lexus. The ad cuts to the two men driving around country roads in England and France, while showing off the car's features to others.

Song is "Run Away" by the Real McCoy. Audio sample, track 6. Also available from iTunes.

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