What song is featured with the commercial featuring Beyonce, advertising the Loreal Infallible Make Up. The singer sounds like it's prince...I'm dying to know what it is.

TV commercial for the 2005 Lexus RX: Starts at a car "lab" of sorts in Coventry England with a British male and female engineer/scientist type. The man asks the woman where two other men are and she replies that they are test driving the new Lexus. The ad cuts to the two men driving around country roads in England and France, while showing off the car's features to others.

Song is "Run Away" by the Real McCoy. Audio sample, track 6. Also available from iTunes.

Hi. I recently saw a commercial on tv for a game on the X-Box 360 console and heard a song I liked. Anyways; I do not remember what game the commercial was for. What I do remember is soldiers walking through a bombed out city in a wrecked subway train car and an oldies song from like the 40's or 50's was playing. Any ideas what commercial or song this is from? I went through all the posts here and alot on gametrailers and came up empty.

I'm sure you've all seen the trailer for the french indy comedy "J.C.V.D" starring Van Damme as himself. If not, google or youtube it. It's fantastic. There is a nice vintage soul/r&b song playing the background - I need to know what it is. Any help appreciated! Thanks!

hello folks, this is a video from CNN International and i'm hoping someone would know the name of the song in the background. i uploaded it to youtube so take a look at it. thx in advance.


Does anyone know the song playing in the backgroungd of the commercial for 'Action Sports' on the Universal HD channel. The commercial also plays a lot on the Chiller Channel Network. There are no words, just guitars and drums.

I just saw a commercial for the BMW 3 Series. It featured hard rock, almost metal sounding vocals. The commercial features quotes saying "Joan of Arc only reigned for 1 year" "King Henry 9 years" "Caesar 5 years"...anyway, if you know the commercial, I'd appreciate some help with the music. I really liked it and I'd like to find the artist or band. Thanks

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