I cannot find the music to this ad anywhere. Here is a link to the music used in the American version of the ad. I have heard the other version as well (a little more electronic). However, this is the song that I want to find out who performs it. Thanks for any help. Here's that link.

Hey guys, I've seen this new sirius satellite radio commercial on tv a few times now in the past few days, and it has a pretty catchy song playing in the background. There are no lyrics, so that doesn't help very much, and I tried to find the commercial on youtube but I had no success.

The commercial shows a bunch of different people all doing things that they've supposedly never done or tried before, and at the end the tagline says something like:

When was the last time you discovered something new? Discover music again with Sirius Satellite Radio.

If anyone can find the song used in this commercial I would really appreciate it! Thanks!


The commerical airs on the Discovery channel as of recently. The shows name is Fugitive Strike Force or something along those lines and it opens with some scenes of what looks to be surveillance video of people commiting crimes and then cuts to some action scenes of SWAT officers jumping out of a van, busting down doors, or some other played out cliches yadda yadda yadda. Anyway...

The only lyrics (if you can call them that) I can give you are "Aaah here we go!" by a male vocalist with a deep voice at the very start and then followed by some hard rock guitar riff that then turns into a electronica type melody. (Sorry im not great with techno,house,trance etc.. etc... etc... genres) Overall it just has a hard rock / electronic sound that's fast paced and heavy.

I have heard it before on other TV shows and commericals so I assume it's fairly well known and im just living under a rock. Im pretty sure I have heard it used on Top Gear.It's beginning to drive me nuts because it sounds so familiar and I can't figure it out for the life of me.

Anyway thanks for your time, and if you can help me out... all the better.

I suppose one the main reasons a site like this exists is because broadcasters have a habit of almost never crediting the music they use in their programmes, unless it was created specifically for that programme.

Does anyone know why this is? I'd have thought the artists whose music gets used must be pretty annoyed as it denies them an opportunity to sell more music. I discovered Sufjan Stevens only through "the O.C." and only then 'cos I found a helpful fansite (I think) that listed the music used on the various episodes.

I've watched a couple of interesting documentaries recently on UK tv which used some very interesting music I'd never heard before. However short of emailing the programme makers and asking them, there's no obvious way to find out what the music was.

Anyone know what the problem is with crediting recorded music, generally?

Just watched the trailer for "A Good Day to Be Black and Sexy".

Here is the Apple Movie Trailers link:

Throughout the trailer a R&B/Urban/Hip-Hop song plays - it sounds sped up and/or remixed. A man harmonizes throughout the song.

Does anyone recognize the song playing?


Anybody know the name of the song playing in the back of the new GTA 4 trailer....its a classical piece? any help would be great.

The one with all the shoes. "Make me a wish, make it just for me. Seal it with a kiss....." ".....surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise"

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