I've been looking for the music that is at the very beginning of the trailer for this movie for a very, very long time. It has been used by Adult Swim on one of their 'bumps' as well as other places. I have yet to be able to even get pointed in the right direction though. If you know anything about this, I'd greatly appreciate it. :)


Does anyone know what that kind of 'dance music' is called on some of the setanta ads - it's also frequently used on other promos and ads. It's everywhere! but i dont know what it is.. :confused:


Anyone know the name of the tune from the new jean-paul gautier perfume ad? Thanks! it's a female vocal.

Hi all, there is a montage of annoying devil clips from the british show balls of steel that has three songs I cannot identify for the life of me. Can anyone help? The clip is below. Thanks!

What is the last music featured in the Air Force One theatrical trailer? Once the credits start rolling?

What's the tune. I really like it, and it has been on a lot this week.

Hi does anyone know what piece of music they were using in the recent Nova: The Bible's Buried Secrets? It was orchestral, like classical but maybe even some semitic influences.

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