Wow. I am so happy I found this place. You have located for me songs I had abandoned all hope of finding. Lenscrafters commercial? Got it. Perhaps someone can track down this little gem for me, too.

In the BBC Comedy series Red Dwarf, there's a section in the first episode where Dave Lister has been locked away in stasis. You get some beauty passes of the ship while some violin music plays. I want that music, and I want it bad. Now, here's the kicker: I want the music from the Remastered edition (which was a failed project that tried to redo the show's effects with modern computers. Think Star Wars special edition). In the original version (which is available on DVD along with an on-disc soundtrack for the season) there is a piece of music with drums and what sounds like a wood block being plinked with a mallet - it sounds like a clock. Whereas what I want is the music itself. Now, I could record it off of there, but that gives me the engine noise and the sounds of doors clanging open and shut, and I really don't want that.

Anyone think they can help?

the part of the ad after the lady takes her shirt off and the dudes get shocked. the shows logo is shown on screen and a happy whistling tune is played. lol, i have id DVR'd so if you hve any more specific questions, ill try to answer. Thanks!


Does anyone know the name of the group doing the cover of Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff" that plays during this week's Ugly Betty promos? A promo just played during Dancing With the Stars.


Does anyone know who is doing the music for the new Transformers movie?

Lyrics "Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win..."
Singer Male
Genre Country



I desperately want to know who sang this lovely song, I heard on the Nippon Paint commercial, check out the link!

Anybody know the instrumental that plays in an endless loop when a local channel has technical problems?

I'm trying to figure out the song that accompanies the Sears commercial that airs at the end of every episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition

It also appears at the end of the Rory O'Shea Was Here trailer. You can see that here:

Anybody got any ideas?


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