Anyone know the music used in the new announcement trailer for Transformers 3. Its Starts at 1:42.

I'm trying to find the music which plays alongside the TV advertisement for the French Tennis Open (Roland-Garros) 2015.

It might be a longshot, but I was wondering if anyone could identify this ad music. It's from 1987, so yes, it might be a longshot. Thanks anyway.

Anyone know the song here underneath all the sighs? This commercial plays all the time on the HDJade channel in Hong Kong.

This tune was used between 2000-2002 as a TV news opening theme, I could only find 30 seconds of it in this old video,

Please help me locate the name of the track. I've already tried shazam and midomi without luck.


Can someone please tell me the name of the song that plays in the new Ritz commercial ? I think it sounds like it's from the Mediterranean, maybe a Greek folk song but I'm not sure. It's been bugging me all day because it sounds so familiar, yet I don't know what it's called. is the advertisement link on YouTube. I'd appreciate it if someone was able to help me :)


#1 Brand X Music new cues "Tick Tock" and "Winter Dance" (Not Released)

#2 Christina Perri - I believe

#3 Really Slow Motion Music - Sun and Stars

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