I have seen a couple of these commercials on TV already and wanted to know if anyone knew whose the composer player or songs playing in the background.

here is the commercial

So I was watching Friends with my GF on Thursday when an ad for the movie came on TBS. I've been checking the soundtrack for the song with no luck, does anyone know?


anybody know the name of the theme song of ned's declassified school surviving guide?

Hi guys!

I want the song for the paco comercial.

In the comercial there are children in a round. And they rotating the frgance's container.

Sorry for my English.


Can anyone identify this song? I sounds very familiar but I cant seem to remember where I've heard it from? thanks for the help!

Air Canada recently released some advertisements to promote their new airline entertainment and luxury options. They involve people making brush strokes in the air with "paint", either making airplane shapes or bed curves. The background music is Native American singing (I think) with string accompaniment (and some percussion). In which NA language I'm not sure, but probably one spoken in Canada; perhaps an Inuit language maybe? Regardless, the imagery and music are beautiful and, although these new airline options will probably cost an arm and a leg, quite touching.

Here are the links, the first about the entertainment options and the second the new beds in their executive classes. The music for both is the same, just different scenes for each.

I've already e-mail Air Canada Media Relations and am awaiting a response. (Hopefully it is not a commissioned piece.) Until then, does anyone have any idea on the name and singer(s) of the song? Any help is welcome.


What is this alt 90's song? Background to MTV's beachhouse circa 1994 with Shannon Hoon hosting.

It is playing in the background from roughly 3:35 - 4:15.

I think it might have started running really recently; no earlier than a week or two. It's an older-sounding song with both male and female vocals. It sounds like they're singing 'OK, Maria'. It starts out with a hangglider who then starts to spiral down; he flashes to a bunch of clips of the HBO original series; then there's an extended one after he crashes. A male voice over then says 'when life flashes before your eyes, are your priorities straight?' Then a horn solo, then the song continues etc. Anyone?

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