Can Someone please tell me who the artist of the song in this trailer is and the title of the song.

what is the song that is his ring tone on his cell phone

This is one of those songs that I've been looking for awhile. The first time I heard this song was back in 2006 when the Discovery channel used it in their commercial.

Now in 2009, is using the same song as well.

The song has no words, at least not in the format that is used in these commercials. Its somewhat a cheerful song, and sounds like a xylophone is being used.

Anyone have any ideas? This has been driving me crazy for so long lol.

Does anyone know the name of the piece of piano music used in the last few mins of this programme ? It starts at about 25 mins in till about 28mins. It's really nice and its been stuck in my head for days now. Please help!!:)

In ICE Age I believe towards the beginning of the movie, there is a very traditional classical sounding theme of strings orchestra carrying a moderate paced, smooth theme. this theme is only a few short moments before it changes and then returns. I believe it might be an excerpt from Dmitri Kabalevsky - The comedians-waltz, but i haven't heard the exact theme yet. Thanks as always.

This commercial is a woman in a black m milan driving it and telling us it's great features. It not Sync or Morningwood. Its a techno sounding song that I have heard before but can't place. She is the only person in the ad and she is wearing a black or dark dress too. please help me figure this out. thanks -lani :rolleyes:

Just saw a new commercial for Doubletree Suites that shows some branches sprouting leaves and the music is a bit like jazz.

Lyrics include these phrases:

...your nerves are like jumping jacks
...stay cool
...take it easy that's the rule

Any idea as to song and artist?

I heard a song on The Life of Ryan on the second episode when he's riding in the go karts. It goes something like ba da ba pa pa hahah I'm pretty sure it's on a commercial too... for Apple maybe?

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