It is so short but so entrancing to me......

Hello to you all :),

The Ad was released 2 days ago and I've searched for the lyrics ... and nothing.
Does anyone know if this is song done specifically for this Ad or is an actual band music?

I leave the youtube URL:

Thanks for your time.

I'm looking for the Song starting at 0.52. It was also in Trailers for The Expanse and I'm looking for it for a while now. Please help!

Can anyone tell me what is the second song in the Trailer for Spark: A Space Tail (2016)? The song begins at 1:30 in the Youtube video.

The first song with the base. It's close to Chemical Brothers Go. Any ideas?

Does anyone know who composed the score music to this Vufine ad and the name of the track? Thanks for any help.

This is a link to the commercial on youtube.

Hello everybody. Anyone know the music for this amazing trailer? Thanks in advance.

Here is the trailer in question (links directly to the time stamp)

It starts at 0:57 (obviously) and is really creepy and unique, I think it's awesome. Not sure if it's an original composition for the movie, but I'm hoping that it's publicly available either way.

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