it's been for almost 3 months, when the trailer for this movie has been released. Just at the first view I was totally amazed by the music that plays in the second half of trailer. I was looking forward to see it and to discover the original song, but nothing like that happens. Soundtrack for the movie is out, but it is impossible to find any note about this trailer music.

Don't you know something about it? And I mean about this specifical piece used in trailer (AKA I know, that maybe it is some cover for the "Les Fleur" by Minnie Riperton, or at least the melody is similar, but I want to know something about the exact track used in the trailer)


Yea, this kinda lame TV ad was from a while ago but I'm still curious about what the artist/song is at the end....

What song is used in this commercial? I've been looking everywhere.

What on earth is the name of the music at the end of the movie BEFORE the credits start rolling?

I know there is a lot of opera music, but I am referring to the instrumental guitar music that is unbelievably awesome!

It can also be heard at the beginning of the movie when Leonard & Sandra are in Leonard's bedroom for the first time.

I've been searching the whole web & iTunes, but I have had no luck.

If anyone knows please help. And if you know how to get the music via download or whatever please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Ok, Who sings this one???

It has a sweet sound to it....Almost sounds like Gwen Stefani although I doubt it's really her singing......

Anyone know the song/artist for this one???

It has a nice beat and sound.

Trying to find the name of the song in the Blue Moon beer commercial (titled Rise Up Tap). I've been able to find the commercial online (you can see it at:, but have had no luck identifying the song. Any help would be awesome!

What is the music after the dude says "I'm Out"

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