would like the name song


I know it's a long stretch but trying to find the hip hop song used in the TV spot for Runner Runner this June on Channel 10 (Australia)

Does anyone know the name of the song currently running in the promo's on Starzencore? Some of the lyrics are as follows. If we can find a way, I know it's gonna take some time, til we find our way, we're gonna make it to the other side?
Thanks for any help

Does anyone know the sound design and music in this trailer?

New jeep comerical music..

I just saw the Hyundai Elantra commercial. It has many people inside squares dancing around to a song that sounds similar to King of The Bongo by Manu Chao. Does anyone know this song?

hi .
i heard this in euro 2016 . can you identify it ?

WHAT WAS THE LAST SONG that played while the daughter (I think it was Elliot's daughter) was being arrested and Olivia was "testifying" in front of some committee, etc? It was beautiful. Sounded kind of Celtic, but I could be wrong?

Thanks for any and all help!!!

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