Does anybody know the name of the song for this famous ad?

Hey all.

I've been searching for the tunes in the follow commercials for YEARS (literally), and my lack of results has lead me here.

I'm looking for the tunes/artists who composed the music in the following Jordan Brand Commercials (by Nike).

1) "Maybe"- [ame=""]YouTube - Maybe - New Michael Jordan Commercial[/ame]

Any help (intuition or fact) would be greatly appreciated.

What is the name of the song used on the recent South Park commercial? It's the one where they apologize for leaving out any ethnicities from their shows.

Trailer # 3

1.) "Clap Clap" - GoldSpot
2.) "Forget You" - Ce Lo Green
3.) "How You Like Me Now" - The Heavy
4.) "Misery" - Maroon 5

Hi everybody,
i'm looking for the song at the end of this trailer

i'm certain that a too easy challenge for the specialists who are in this forum, sorry !


thank's and please, excuse my the bad english

Hey guys, there was a song playing during tonights episode of World Of Jenks when they were driving at the end, they were talking about the meaning of life and stuff. The song only had a sort of humming sound to it so it might be hard to identify.

Thanks for the help in advance!

There's a real good song playing in background at the beginning, unfortunately I don't speak Spanish so I don't understand the lyrics and can't search for it.


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