[ame=""]YouTube - That First Chevy | Chevrolet Commercial[/ame]

Any ideas?

Its a catchy tune.... I am arguing with my friend. he thinks its a jingle.

"smile, smile on my friend, find a happy place."

any ideas?

Hi, its from a new Verizon commercial for the Verizon Wireless Strike USB device.

[ame=""]YouTube - Verizon Strike with Rhapsody[/ame]

Thanks everyone, it is a great song, I hope it wasn't composed just for the commercial.

Does anyone know the music that is playing in the background of the swedish trailer for 'The Girl Who Played With Fire' . If you need a reference to the song I am talking about you can skip to 0:34- 1:30 in the link [ame=""]YouTube - The Girl Who Played With Fire Part 1 of 7 Full Movie HD[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - LG Kompressor Elite Commercial[/ame]

There was a song used this past Christmas (2010) during the Christmas movie montage. The singer was female and the song was a Christmas song.

Any ideas who the group is?:unsure:

anyone know the name of this song?
[ame=""]YouTube -[/ame]

there is a song in the homyped ad - it seems to start part way through at "and forever starts last night". does anyone know the name of the song, where I can find the lyrics etc?

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