I was watching vh1 on June 29 at around 7 pm or so. One of the commercials was a GMC commercial with parts of cars flying through the air and landing on a field in a lump. You find out later that the parts of cars are actually designer ideas that the engineer thought of but threw out. During the commercial, a technoish type song is played and has no lyrics that I remember. Anyone know the name of this song?

The little boy in the Devil's suit - background music is familiar but I cannot remember the name.
Thanks for your help.

Hey guys,

I have been trying to figure out the name of the song from the DIY Network Commercial. The only understandable lyrics are "Work, work". I know not a lot to go on but dying to know. Thanks guys!

This Target commercial

features "Soy Yo" by Bomba EstÚreo.

I thought maybe I should post this because it's harder (although still possible) to Shazam it, due to Target's ad partnership with Shazam - and it's also hard to Google the lyrics if you don't speak Spanish.

Trailer # 1

It's Tricky (DJ Fresh Remix) - Run DMC

Okay so on HBO Now (Late April 2016) an ad plays at the beginning of some content which starts off with mad max: fury road and then Danaerys saying she's not going to stop the wheel, she's going to break it. Then the music starts and its a fast piano in a montage of game of thrones, vinyl, boardwalk empire, spy, and others. The music crescendos into brass instruments and goes back to piano at the end, showing the words, "its all waiting for you, its all streaming now", "HBO"
I've tried shazaming it, and searching youtube and everything. Help would be appreciated!

Also, it's completely instrumental, if you didn't get that

thank you!

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