Does anybody know the rock song that VH1 plays right before the movie comes back from commercial. Its a really short segment. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey guys,

Just wondering if any of you know the song playing in the beginning of the trailer? thank you in advance! =]

Watch trailer here:

[ame=""]YouTube - 'And Soon The Darkness' Trailer HD[/ame]

Kennedy Space Center had a commercial last year and had a piece of music playing thru it. I also heard it on a college bookstore commercial on the radio in orlando. I tried contacting both companies and no one is any help. The song playing during the commercial is a guitar riff and very very similar to the one at the beginning of the paramore's hallelujah song. Example below Thanks for any help

[ame=""]YouTube - paramore-hallelujah w/ lyrics[/ame]

I'm looking for the last Song in this Trailer.

[ame=""]YouTube - The Bang Bang Club Trailer 2011 HD[/ame]

I am looking for the music on the current Home Depot ad. Help !!!

What's that jazz piece played during the new Pergo flooring commercial? It's the new commercial where the great dane is chasing the Pergo flyer around the room. Anyone know? TIA!


Does anyone know the song used in one of Lexus' new ads for 2011, it's the one featuring a couple going to a masked ball. Thanks.

OK, so maybe this has already been answered elsewhere, but if it has I can't find it. The music in the last half of the trailer or commercial, which begins when Churchill starts talking--its not Lux Aeterna from Requiem for a Dream although it sounds similar, and its not Veigar Margeirsson's remix for The Two Towers and its not Music Junkies "Fatal Fantasy." I know I have heard this version before, I just can't place it.

Many thanks.

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