Anyone know what that theme is in the new AUSTRALIA trailer? It's pretty darn good. Goosebumps.

- AM

I've been hearing this song in a fairly recent commercial for Uncle Ben's Whole Grain White Rice.

There's a cool drum beat with flutes and what may or may not be a synth tune going a long with it and I'm wondering if its originally made for the commercial or if it's an actual song.

the one with all the joggers

The music in the Panasonic VIERA connect commercial is "Do What U Like" by Bad Boy Bill featuring Alyssa Palmer.

hey guys i was wondering what the name of the song and the artist is for the music used int his promo trailer for the nhl 2011 playoffs


[ame=""]YouTube - CBC HNIC Stanley Cup Playoff Opening Promo 2011 (HD)[/ame]

Weber just continues to be a star when it comes to making it's commercial music available. They have now released in addition to the 30 second spot, a full version of the song, plus a remixed version that is now playing on tv.

Grab the songs, and make sure you send an email to Weber thanking them for making these available!

Any idea what song is used?

Anybody know the music from this
[ame=""]YouTube - 2011 Jeep Compass - "Bloodline" Commercial[/ame]

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