I'm looking for the song in a new ad for the 2011 Honda Odyssey.

It's a family driving in the van, the voice-over says something like "what does a family cooped up in a minivan for five hours sound like? Depends on the minivan."

The lyrics of the song include something like "float round the bend...never coming down again".


Anybody know what the song in the background is? [ame][/ame]

This commercial is from early 2010. Can anybody tell me the name of the song being played? Thanks

[ame=""]YouTube - PUMA Presents... From Jamaica with Fast[/ame]

looking for the song played over the ending credits on the pilot of this show that aired sunday march 12. some of the lyrics are "I love america, your secret's safe with me". If anyone can help thanks. I already checked the HBO website and it is not listed.

season 2 episode 8

tyler is doing is audition. second call back. after doing his reading, he's doing a freestyle dance. does anybody know the song in the background?
i can't even get the lyrics, the rap is done too quickly.


I'm going crazy trying to figure out a song from the NBC show "Perfect Couples." It was on the episode "Perfect Job" which aired on 3/17/11. It's a dance/techno song that can be heard at the 17:50 mark if viewing the episode on NBC's website.

Thanks for your help!

Does anyone know the song that plays in the background on the Discovery HD Theater commercial that advertises a bunch of HD programs? :huh:
At the end of the commerical the announcer says "brought to you by Toshiba..."

The lyrics:
Oh another day I'm still close to you. Another day, I'm still loving you...

Or something like that! :blink:


Thanks :D

as always---great music used by HBO.

Does anyone know what song was used for the first scene...going through the tunnel into Pittsburgh and then to the locker room?

Basically picked electric guitar


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