Anybody know the music from this
[ame=""]YouTube - 2011 Jeep Compass - "Bloodline" Commercial[/ame]

I was wondering if anybody could identify the piano music in the following commercial:

[ame=""]YouTube - Integrated Care: Kaiser Permanente Thrive Ad (60 Seconds)[/ame]

It is absolutely beautiful, and I wanted to hopefully learn how to play it. Much thanks to anyone who can help! :D

I know this film has been out for months, but does anyone know what music they're using behind the
Jane Eyre TV spots? It's more hard hitting than the music on the trailer.

Can anyone identify the piano song in this ad?

[ame=""]YouTube - Nissan Leaf Polar Bear Commercial[/ame]

I think its their newest commercial.

The song sounds like pop with a female singer.

The commercial features an Asian woman doing some dance moves in an elevator with an older Asian women behind her.

[ame=""]YouTube - Go GSP! Gatorade Canada is in your corner[/ame]

Thank you!

what is the name if the song in the corona cinco de mayo commercial? it starts off with 5 corona bottles then the song starts playing, its only about 20 seconds long..

Hi guys.. need help finding the song in this ad. If anyone knows it, please help.

[ame=""]YouTube - Nandos - Win a Trip to Ibiza[/ame]

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