I am trying to make a trailer for a movie, because I am in a video making class for school. I wanted a song from a certain trailer, but I can't remember either. The trailer starts calm, and has a guitar strumming, alternating between 2 chords at about 120 bpm, then a guy starts singing lightly. then the music stops or something, and the trailer becomes serious. Thats about all the info I can give, please help,

A couple of current E Trade commercials featuring a good looking older woman jogging and an older guy on the street, both black and white, I think, feature a heavy drum beat and guitar. The theme is doing your own investing, etc.

This could just be a track laid down with drum machine or something but it could be someone's song. Any ideas?

TIA, Allgonquin

Does somebody know the music that is used in this reportage?

It sounds very familiar.



I recently checked on the site if this topic has been discussed yet, but no:
Does someone recognize the song in this trailer?


Thanks in advance for helping :cool:

These are the only songs I caught the lyrics to from "Find Your Happy Place":

"Devil's Playground" by Gram Rabbit (Amazon) (itunes)

"Colleen" by the Heavy (Amazon) (itunes)

Anyone happen to know the music playing during this ad spot? Thank you!!

Please!!!! Can someone help me find the title of the music we hear from 3.17 until 5.25 on this video? :'(
[ame=""]YouTube - Perla Negra cap 193 4/5[/ame]


Please help settle a bet! Is the commercial music the Goo Goo Dolls ("I Just Want You to Know Who I Am") or Collective Soul ("The World I Know")? Regardless, the music is so similar, whichever was first would certainly have grounds for copyright infringement!!! ;)

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