There was a car/suv commercial I saw about 10 times in one day a week or two ago, I can't remember what car it was but the song was stuck in my head. Now I cant remember. All I remember about to commercial was they were showing the versatility of the way you could put things in the trunk and how you could use the car/suv for all of your different hobbies. it was a kinda pop song i think... help please

For the ones who are searching for the music it's Prometheus rising by Immediate music.

Saw commercial for it during Simpsons 11/29/09. Who is singing in it?

There's a song I can't seem to find any where, that I heard on a chevy commercial. The car was pulling up to an old farm house, and a little dog was jumping up and down as if to take a look inside of this car. I believe that it was an impala or malibu, not really sure. There was an old song playing "hello baby, sure are lookin' good", a man was singing it. Does this ring a bell for anyone? The commercial aired sometime in the passed 8 or 9 years. Can anyone help me out with this one, as I have searched YouTube and was unable to find it amongst the hundreds.

Thanks, Kf76

anyone know the song played in the trailer (Star world asia) for American idol season 10 in which there is "don't give up..." in the chorus?

Hey there
there is a popular song that sounds like flutes with birds chirping. Its been used multiple times in various commercials and ads and I think used alot on American Idol. and usually when people sleep in or relaxing. Can someone please help? Thanks!

what is the name of the song from the Bell HD commercial, the one with the two girls talking about the movie that they are watching, which was Eclipse.

It is a really great song and I really need to know what it is called,

here is a link to the video of the commercial that I found on youtube,

[ame=""]YouTube - Clara Marshall Bell Commercial[/ame]

please respond if you know the name of the song near the end of this commercial. Thanks.

This is 10 years old. I've been looking for this song for years now with no luck. I've finally tracked down the audio on youtube.

[ame=""]YouTube - HOT NEWZ 64 Part 1[/ame]

The music i'm looking for starts at 3:34 with the most memorable portion chiming in a little after 4:45. I had this Nintendo VHS tape when i was younger but then again heard the music used in a Campbell's Chunky Soup commercial a few years later.

And FYI it is NOT a song that was on the soundtrack of the game or used int he game anywhere.

Any help is appreciated.

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