Any ideas on the songs in this trailer?

The Official Trailer for the new J.J. Abrams feature "Super 8" debuted today and there's some awe inspiring music in the trailer that I can't pinpoint. It starts at about 1:40. Can anyone figure out where this music came from?

Anyone know what the orchestral music close to the end? It sounds like something from X-Ray Dog Music, but I can't figure out what.


[ame=""]YouTube - Potiche - Trailer with english subtitles[/ame]
Anybody knows what are the songs playing 0:10 - 0:40 and 0:58 - End?
Thanks! :)

[ame=""]YouTube - Henry's Crime Movie Trailer Official (HD)[/ame]
Anybody knows what´s the song playing 1:00 - END?
Thanks! ;)

Anyone know the song from the latest coca cola advert ....
[ame=""]YouTube - Big Red Truck TV spot for Coca-Cola Canada's Live Positively campaign[/ame]
Thanks for any help!


Does anyone know the song to this Scotts fertilizer commercial?

Saw it on TV and then found it on their website but no info on it on there :(


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