There's a new Reebok Zigtech commercial out with a great blues-rock tune on it that I'm trying to locate. I tried the site that usually does the Reebok Zigtech ads but they don't have it. I can't find the ad on Youtube yet either. Anyone seen this?

Could anybody help me out by identifying the name of the song in the Chevy Volt Commercial? I'm not interested in the rock song at the concert, but rather the background music for the whole video.

[ame=""]YouTube - Discovery | Chevy Volt | Super Bowl Ads[/ame]


What is the 2nd song in the trailer (starts at around 0:40).

No lyrics to the song, just a guitar riff. =(


[ame=""]YouTube - Ceremony Trailer 2011 HD[/ame]

This is driving me crazy. There's this song I've heard a few different times but most recently on a PBS commercial for the NOVA TV series I believe. I remeber it was instrumental, with what sounded like synth strings or something like: "bwwaiiiiiii, bwwaiiiii" and in the background there was a light beat and "doo dun dun dun dun" or something like that. The commercial is recent and had a tiger in it. That's all I remember.

Here's another one with good music in the Buick commercial:

I've been seeing it during the NCAA tournament games on CBS. The commercial starts out with the man pressing the start engine button. The garage door opens up and you see a mean good looking Lacrosse while the voice-over states something like "The best entertainment system in your house isn't always in your house." as the driver heads down the driveway and out on to the road.

Name that artist and song?

Hi, I have to know the title of this song on the background, can you help me?

[ame=""]YouTube - Lipton Tea 2010 Ad[/ame]

Has anyone seen that commercial for Panasonic Viera 3d? It has hundreds of people in different colored shirts walking around in unison. I am trying to find out the name of the song.

What is the music used in the new Farmers Insurance Helppoint Ad?

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