For the teaser trailer it looks like Confidential Music was part of the team which made the track

Looking for the background music used in this commercial:

Can anyone tell me where to find it?

I'm sure you all have seen as many movie trailers as I have and recognize little sound-effects and stuff they use. But there's ONE sound-effect that keeps popping up in the big action movies and it's driving me nuts because I can't figure out what it is.

It's at the end of the new Iron Man trailer when Iron man is flying away from the two jets. It's also in the Mission Impossible 3 trailer when the bad guy is telling Ethan that he's gonna hurt his girl. It's in a ton of other trailers too numerous to mention but I guarantee once you hear the sound you'll know what I'm talking about.

It's like a teapot boiling over but metallic sounding. If anyone has any idea of the source, let me know. I'm really curious!


Hello everyone! Hope someone can give me an answer. I'm looking the the song that appears in the Underworld Bloodwars Trailer #1. I've been months looking for it and haven't had luck finding it.There are two songs in this trailer I'm talking about.

One is from Really Slow Motion named Phagocyte but the other one is the one I'm looking for. Here's the trailer. Starts at 0:46 Secs


Hi guys! I can't find song in movie Pet . Music in the beginning of the video in the bar. Thanks.

First song: ????
Second song: "Fox on the Run" by Sweet

The video on YouTube:

Music used, after fifteen minutes of searching, was from a 45 rpm vinyl release on Daptone Records earlier in 2016, "Something's Calling" b/w the music used in this ad, "Talkin 'Bout My Love" by British singer James Hunter.

At first listen, it sounds for the world like some New Orleans/Kingston hybrid from 1962. Brooklyn based Daptone has a fetish for 1960s recording techniques, preferring sessions to be performed live to tape, no digital nothing in the sound chain.

Listening to several of James Hunter releases proves he is the real deal. Bought several CDs to go under the tree!

I'm trying to ID the music in one of the trailers for the BBC Films 2001 production "Wild Africa."

You can listen to it at the following URL:

It's choral music with full orchestra. It is NOT from the soundtrack.

Can anyone help me with this?


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